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Wax Mat Kits - SUP

A new alternative to wax and E.V.A foam


Application Instructions

  1. Be sure the surface is smooth, dry and clean of any dirt, wax, water, etc.  Wipe with isopropyl alcoholo or xylene if necessary.
  2. Select the desired location(s) and position(s) for the Wax Mat panels on the deck.
  3. Surface temperature must be above 65 degrees Farhrenheit for the adhesive to bond properly to the deck.
  4. Peel 3"-4" of the linter at one end of the grip tape and press onto the deck.  Then peel off the rest of the liner and press the tape onto the deck.
  5. Use the end of a putty knife, J roller, or your palm and firmly press the tape onto the deck as the liner is peeled off the adhesive.  This helps prevent bubbles from forming under the tape.
  6. Repeat the above process for the rest of the tape. Maximum adhesive strength is achieved in 72 hours.

Care and Maintenance

Wax Mats can be cleaned with household cleaners, dishwashing detergent or boat cleaners such as Z Cleaner.  Use a scrub brush and rinse with fresh water.  Replace worn or damaged Wax Mats.

Avoid contact with gasoline, moto oil, paint thinner, acetone, MEK, xylene, or orther petroleum products.  They may damage the grip tape.Wax Mats have an excellent wet grip and is non-abrasive to the skin. May be used on the decks of surf, skimboards, marine crafts, bathtubs and any where an excellent slip resistant, non-abrasive, see-through surface is needed.

Removal of Adhesive

  1. Apply an adhesive remover such as "Goop" or "Goo Gone" and leave it on the adhesive for an hour.  This softens the adhesive.
  2. Use a metal scrapper or putty knife and scrape off adhesive.
  3. Wipe off any residue with a rag or paper towel.
  4. Clean the surface with household cleaner or dishwashing detergent.
  5. Rinse with fresh water.

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"The best thing about the Hot Grip Deck Panels is they are lite, thin, no rash, with great traction. No more wax!" ~Dino Miranda, Professional Surfer/Artist

There was a classic swell coming to Maui and SurfCo sent me the new Hot Grip Wax Mats to test out. After adding some art work, I applied them to my fresh 6'5" Charlie Smith surfboard. The swell did not disappoint at The Bay. I grabbed one just under the crowd and was firmly planted on the Hot Grip Wax Mats! Very stoked, will use them on all my boards." ~Ian Haight, Surfer/Artist

he new Hot Grip Wax Mats work great! They are clear, thin, lite, provide excellent wet grip with no abrasion to my skin. I recently had a 5 hour surf session, love it, grippier than wax! Plus all the cool graphics on my boards can be seen and not covered by wax. Will use on all my boards, no more messy wax!" ~Tony Ho, Lieutenant Honolulu City & County Life Guard

Wax Mats are made in America by SurfCo Hawaii.