Wet Grip Design Kit

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Wet Grip Design die cut panels are a comfortable, non-abrasive slip resistant grip tape.  Works well with bare feet, rubber, and leather footwear.  Perfect for pool decks, tubs, boat decks, jacuzzi, and floors as a thin, skin friendly, excellent wet grip tape.  This easy to apply, marine grade peel and stick adhesive is non-abrasive to the skin, clothing, or wetsuit.  Marine Grip has the highest coefficient of friction of any grip tape on the market.   Easy to clean and works well in all temperatures. 

Currently available in Dark Gray.

  • Honu Kit includes two (2) 12" x 12" honu panels and two (2) 6" x 6" honu panels.
  • Ahi Kit includes two (2) left facing and two (2) right facing 6" x 12" ahi panels.
  • Mahi Kit includes two (2) left facing and two (2) right facing 6" x 12" mahi panels.


Application Instructions

1) Be sure surface is dry and clean of any dirt, wax, water, etc. Wipe with isopropyl alcohol or xylene.

2) Select desired locations and positions of the Wet Grip.
Surface temperature must be above 65 degrees Fahrenheit for adhesive to bond to deck.

3) Peel off 3”- 4”of the liner at one end of the grip tape and press onto the surface, peel off the rest of the liner and press the mat onto the surface. The mat can be lifted up and repositioned if necessary.

4) Use the end of a putty knife, or J roller, and firmly press the tape onto the deck as the liner is peeled off the adhesive. This prevents bubbles from forming under the tape.

5) Repeat process to the rest of the grip tape.

Adhesive strength will increase over a 72 hour period.

Care and maintenance: The Wet Grip tape can be cleaned with household cleaners. Avoid contact with gasoline, paint thinner, acetone, MEK, or xzylene.
Replace worn or damaged Wet Grip.