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4.50" Performance Fin Thruster Set - Art Designs

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We asked graphic artist Tiffany Mathews and professional surfer and artist Dino Miranda, to design artwork for the Pro Teck fins that have Hawaiian themes.

Tiffany designed the "Palms" and "Hibiscus" art that features Hawaiian flora.
Dino designed the "Tribalism," (Ohana/Family), a design that resembles ancient Hawaiian petroglyphs.
The prints are in solid ink colors for the Performance Fins, and tint colors for the clear Power Flex fins.
The printing process uses a state of the art, UV-curable inkjet printer that is able to print directly onto the fins. Through this process, we are able to get vibrant color representation and up to photo-quality images on the fins.

Performance Fins have a rigid core that creates good drive and projection off bottom turns and cutbacks. The combination of the flexible edges and rigid core will help to make your board ride smoother, faster, and easier to turn. This will allow you to surf better, reduce fin injuries, and add more fun to the sport of surfing!

Coming Soon
We plan to introduce PTF Art fins for the 7.0" 2+1 and 9.0" Performance  and Power Flex fins.
Stay tuned!